Christmas living room and (no sew) drop cloth curtains

This is a glimpse of our living room this Christmas. Keeping things neutral and simple for our “Old Fashioned Christmas” theme, I added a little Christmas tree to my old wooden Apple crate. I purchased the tree from Hobby Lobby for about $14. and sprayed it with Santa’s Snow (spray snow in a can from Wal-Mart) to give it a flocked look. The can of snow is very inexpensive and I love how it brings out the detail of the tree with definition and texture. Once in the crate, to cover the base, I wrapped some burlap material loosely around the bottom of the tree while also filling the empty areas of the crate. It’s perfect for a simple, rustic, old fashioned Christmas.

Another simple thing about this view of our living room is the window of curtains. They are DIY drop cloth curtains with no sewing involved.

I purchased two 6×9 ft. drop cloths at a local hardware store. Ideally you could use two drop cloths for curtains if they are the with you need. Since I had two narrower windows insted of one big one, I cut the drop cloths lengthwise down the middle. Then I had two 3×9 ft panels for each window.

The drop cloths come hemmed all the way around, but I had created a raw edge by cutting them in half. I could have hemmed the edge with a sewing machine, but then they wouldn’t really be no sew curtains! Also, since I am not good with machines I opted for an easier solution, iron-on hem tape.

It comes on a roll, like a roll of tape. I rolled it out along the edge of the side of the material that I wanted to hem.

Then I folded over the material to make the hem, leaving the strip of hem tape between the fold, ironing the hem down as I went.

I measured the length that I wanted my curtains and folded the tops down to reach the desired length of 7 1/2ft. I ran the iron over them and clipped the curtain rings along the top of the curtains’ wide fold.

Since the drop cloths were 9 ft long, I had plenty of material to work with.

The cost was $11 per drop cloth. The hem tape was $1 for the roll from Wal-Mart).

I love the neutral color and the texture of the drop cloth. They make great curtains, being slightly heavyweight, but not so much that they would block out too much natural light. They go great with the natural color of the slip cover on my couch and have an authentic farmhouse feel.

See the post on my pinecone ornaments for a little tutorial about them and for the source link for the candle lights.

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Christmas Party Centerpiece

Christmas Party expenses can add up quickly! You want the party to be the best it can be without having to skimp in any area. Here’s a way to keep the decor expense down so you can be able to put the majority of your budget toward things such as the catering and the door prizes.

I, recently, was able to help out just a little with decorating for the Christmas party of the company that my husband works for. While my part was small, I thoroughly enjoyed the process and seeing it all come together. The part I had a hand in was coming up with budget friendly centerpieces for the tables.

All we (the three ladies in charge of the company Christmas party Kandi, Kem, and Manuela) and myself, knew was that there would already be a decorated Christmas tree in the room and the caterers would have black tablecloths on 19 round tables. When it came to ordering centerpieces we found the added cost to be very expensive so we turned to the idea of making them ourselves!

Where would be the most obvious place to start the search for centerpiece materials?.. That’s right, Hobby Lobby! There happened to be a fairly large supply of very pretty Christms greenery candle rings on sale for 50% off!

This is one of them with a variety of greenery, pinecones, and a poinsettia flower. We were hoping to get all 19 exactly the same, but we had to settle for two of them being slightly different.

The other two were the same size and price, but had red berries instead of a poinsettia flower.

So after cleaning out the aisle of candle rings we happened to find plenty of large red candles at the end of the aisle that happened to also be on sale. With the cost of the candle rings being a little less than $6 a piece and the candles being a little less than $5 a piece we got out of there at a steal and a small fraction of the cost to have ordered centerpieces.

Now you could probably make out just fine using the ring of greenery and the candle for a centerpiece, (if you do not plan to burn the candles) but one of the ladies I was working with, Kandi, mentioned using a plate for the base. I am so glad she did! In my spare time on another day I went to the Dollar Tree to see if I could find some inexpensive plates.

I loved this pretty white one! I thought it would work nicely, being that the sides were completely flat and not curved up like most plates. The ribbed design, I thought would also be pretty and give some interest sticking out around the edge of the greenery. After sending a picture, it was agreed to get these plates to use for the base of the centerpieces. Nineteen plates for $19, you can’t beat that!

I passed the plates off to Kandi and she finished off the centerpiece project by using hot glue to secure the candle rings and candles to the plate bases.

Here’s the finished product! I loved how they turned out! The white plates really set them off against the black tablecloths.

The party was a hit! These ladies did a tremendous job planning it and we were able to have beautiful, yet inexpensive, centerpieces for the tables!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Happy decorating and Merry Christmas!

Cute Winter Outfits (My pick for the Christmas party)

Are you one of those people that hates shopping as much as I do! (For clothing anyway) I can shop home decor all day long, but when it comes to trying to shop for my wardrobe, ugh.. it’s almost painful. I guess that’s why my closet consists mostly of jeans and t-shirts. It’s a joke between my husband and I, anytime he is going to travel for a company related trip, to say, “Bring me back a t-shirt!”

T-shirts weren’t going to cut it though for an upcoming company Christmas party! It really prompted me to take a good look at my wardrobe. There just isn’t much to choose from on the hangers in the dressy section of my closet. So, it was time! Time to do the dreaded clothing shopping.

I think what I hate about shopping for clothes most is seeing things in the store that you think is cute and taking them to try on in the dressing room to have them not fit properly or just not look how you thought they would, seeing them on hangers or those disporportioned mannequins. Then, you repeat this process over and over for hours and eventually leave the store with maybe one new outfit and mentally and physically drained! (That’s my experience, anyway.) Some of you may actually like the process and that’s great, but if you don’t here’s a tip that may help you out, it has helped me. I’ve really started paying attention to what fashion bloggers have to say.

Through fashion bloggers and those fashionable instagram-ers I have found my style. Having an idea of the style of clothing I am looking for helped me cut down on time of searching the department store racks. I have to admit the trying on process can still be a bit tricky, but all in all, even it went much better. Take a look at a couple of cute outfits that I recently put together after a day of shopping.

I found this pair of jeans at JC Penney and the cute pink top off the sale rack at Stage. After purchasing the top and two others this pair of shoes caught my eye on the way out. They were on sale and I just got a coupon on my receipt for 40% off a purse or shoes, so back to the register I went!

This black top with flaired sleeves is another that I purchased at Stage. I liked it so well, I also purchased one in a super soft Heather Gray. These leggings, oh my goodness, I love them. They have a black and white pattern on them that looks like Herringbone. They are so super cute and comfy. I also purchased a solid black pair. I found them, along with the black booties, while shopping in JC Penney.

As I mentioned before about social media being a help to me when it comes to my fashion woes, here’s yet another example: I was recently watching Brittany York‘s Instagram stories and she was doing a try on segment for her and her sister’s shop, BrandErin + Co (I love how she shows you the clothing and tells you every detail you would need to know about it without actually having it to try on.) When I saw, I believe it was the second outfit she modeled, I knew the pretty burgandy top would be perfect for the company Christmas party! I placed my order, quick and easy, online and in just a few days it arrived at my door!

It came wrapped in cute packaging with a sweet, hand-written thank you note.

Here it is on me! Thanks to my sweet husband for putting up with my antics and taking the picture before we headed out the door to the Christmas party.

Be sure to check out Brittany’s and her sister, Kenzie’s shop! I know I will be shopping online with them again soon!

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Rustic Christmas Tablescape

Sticking with our “Old Fashioned Christmas” theme, I went with a natural, rustic tablescape. I started off with the idea of using my big enamelware bowl that is trimmed in red as the centerpiece. I thought it would look pretty filled with some cedar clippings from the trees in our yard. To finish it off I added my ball jar with electric candle that I found at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago and hadn’t yet found the perfect place for it to go. I would say, this is it!

I was loving the cedar clippings so much that I got a little carried away and cut even more, placing them around the dinner plates. I even carried them into the living room, placing them in my wooden black box with candles and on top of my candle lanterns on my old doors flanking our tv cabinet.

Back to the tablescape, I wanted simple, round, white dishes for an old fashioned Christmas dinner. I found these at Wal-Mart and thought they would work perfectly. They are the Main Stay Amelia 12 piece set.  They also come with nice big bowls, but I opted to leave them off the table at this time.

For just a touch of red, I taped together three little candy canes leaving two angled from one another enough to hold a place card and one on the back to function as a tiny little easel. I found the place setting cards at Wal-Mart in the craft department. I wrote the names of my family on the cards with a calligraphy marker to give them a little fancier look.

There’s our simple, rustic, Christmas tablescape for our old distressed table. I could dress it up a little more by adding napkins, bowls, and water glasses, but this Christmas is all about simplicity for me, so I think I will keep it this way for now. I may add to it a little later if I get the urge.

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Merry Christmas!!!


Pinecone Ornaments

My Christmas decor theme for this year is a good ol’ “Old Fashioned Christmas”! To me this means, keeping things simple, and creating with what you have. Also turning to nature for creating some Christmas decorations. That’s when I got the idea to make some pinecone ornaments to add to our big tree in our living room.

Here’s what they look like! Now, to make these old fashioned ornaments, I took advantage of our modern day conveniences. Ha! Instead of picking up pinecones from the yard, which you absolutely could if you want to, I opted to pick up a few bags in K-Mart. They were $3 for a bag of approximately 10 pinecones. They were already scented with cinnamon fragrance, ahh my favorite! I found the black ribbon at Hobby Lobby and thought it was perfect for an old fashioned look with the white stitching along the edges. I bought a narrow version for the loops and a little wider version for the bows.

I cut the narrow ribbon into lengths of about 8 inches for the loops and the wider ribbon into lengths of about 10 inches to make the bows.

I added a pea size drop of Beacon Fabric-Tac (permanent adhesive) to one side of the end of the ribbon, then looped the other end over and pressed them together. I continued to do this until I had all my loops made.

Next I made all the bows! I am no bow making expert, but here is how I make them.

I start off by making a loop for the left side of the bow, leaving the length of ribbon I want the tails to be on the right side.

I take the left side ribbon tail and wrap it behind and over the front and pull it through the loop to make the bow. The tails should be pretty even.



To put the ornaments together, I used the same glue.

It says on the bottle that it bonds fabrics, lace, glass, leather, wood and trims.

I added the glue to the bottom of my loop, where it had been adhered together, then pressed it to the top of a pinecone. I held it there for a few seconds giving it time to stick together good.

Then I did the same with the bow, adding glue to the back of the bow and pressing it to the top of the pinecone just long enough for it to start to stick.

After making all the pinecone ornaments I gave them time to dry completely before hanging them on the tree.

Here is a close up view of them on the tree. So far they are the only decorations I’ve added to the tree along with the candle lights from lights 4 fun that I ordered from Amazon.


And this may just be how this tree stays for our simple, old fashioned Christmas!

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to comment. I would love to hear from you. Let me know about any ornaments you’ve made for your Christmas tree!





Chalkpainted Bedside Tables (repurposed from an old vanity)

Another part of our bedroom makeover was chalkpainting our bedside tables! Let me show you what they looked like before and then we’ll talk about the painting process.

I bought the pair of stained and varnished little tables at a yard sale for $10. They had been disassembled from an old vanity, but were in good shape. (Does anyone else still use a clock radio??) After living with them “as is” for a while, I was ready to give them a new look for our bedroom update.

I used DIY chalk paint, a cheap all purpose brush for application, 400 grit sandpaper for distressing, and some brown shoe polish and a little cheap brush for antiqueing.

The DIY chalk paint was a Pinterest find from a few years ago. You can find several versions of it on Pinterest, but the recipe that was the simplest for me was:

Chalk Paint Recipe

1 Part Water

1Part Plaster of Paris

3 Parts Flat Paint of any color

Now, let me explain how I have interpreted the recipe and adapted my own way to mix it without the fuss of measuring.

I start out by pouring about this much plaster of paris in a plastic container (the ones that come with air-tight lids)

Then I add water and stir it up. I may add a little more of each until I get the amount and consistency that I want. (Pourable, but not water thin) I want the mixture to fill the container only about an inch if you were to measure where it comes to with a ruler, which I don’t, I guesstimate!

Now, it gets real scientific!.. I guesstimate measuring another 3 inches above where the plaster of paris mixture comes to on the side of the container and fill the container up to that point with paint and mix it thoroughly.

This recipe has always given me a paint with good coverage and a smooth finish. No prep work needed unless, of course, you have some dings or deep scratches you need to fill.

After painting the tables and allowing them to dry, I used the sandpaper to rough up and distress some areas where I thought would most naturally get some wear and tear. Then, using the small brush, I dabbed some shoe polish over the distressed and detailed areas and wiped off the excess with a paper towel.

Another, simple, cost efficient paint project under wraps! I should also mention that I used my screw driver and took off the drawer pulls before painting.

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read about my chalkpainting project! Feel free to leave a comment. I would love to hear from you!


Faux Shiplap Wall

I gave our bedroom a little makeover just in time for Christmas. My favorite thing about it is the faux shiplap wall! It was so simple and easy to do and although it is (faux) I love how it turned out. Let’s take a look at the before picture now.

Eeek! This picture was taken during the work in progress or the “figuring it all out” stage of the makeover. I had chalkpainted (white) the vintage night stands that had been detached from an old vanity. I didn’t want to paint the old doors on the sides of the bed because I love their patina, but they just didn’t work with the wood tone of the bed. So, I decided to find a different spot in the house for them and painted some old shutters that I had on hand and loved how they looked above the painted nightstands. I wanted the bed to be the focal point of the room and so the blue wall also had to go!! A lighter wall would definitely make the bed a standout.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster white has been my recent go to paint for my white walls. I purchased the paint and a few other items from Home Depot with only an idea of how I was going to attempt a faux shiplap wall.

A chalkline, black chalk, and a black pencil were the items I came up with for this simple project.



After giving the wall a good coat of paint and allowing time to dry, I drove very small nails along the edge of the wall (on both sides) 8 inches apart. I hooked the metal end of the chalk string on a nail and strung the line across the wall to the other side and wrapped it around the adjacent nail. After pulling the string and giving it a little pop, I was left with a perfectly straight black line on the wall. I started at the top and worked my way down. I was actually surprised at how the black chalklines gave such a great illusion of the shadow between shiplap boards.

The original plan that I had was to finish the wall by going over the chalklines with the black pencil. I actually liked the look so well after using the chalkline that I decided not to go over it with the pencil. It has been holding up well and I am still so pleased with my faux shiplap wall every time I walk into the room!

The only thing is… without going over the chalklines with something permanent you could easily wash them off. In our case it works because it is on an accent wall in our bedroom so there isn’t much risk of smudges. If you were going to do this to your walls in higher traffic areas or if you have small kids you would definitely want to go the extra step to make the lines permanent.



One more look at a before and after!

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Christmas bedroom

Welcome to Our Prairie Farmhouse! I’m so excited to kick off my blog just in time for Christmas! For my very first post I wanted to share how I added Christmas decor to our bedroom, farmhouse style.

Sometimes I may have a clear cut plan for a design, but other times it seems to just come together by chance! To start off, I knew I wanted a tree somewhere in the room and garland across the headboard. After seeing the cute little tree that my friend @karleegailbowman shared from Wal-Mart I had to grab one for our bedroom.  I love the burlap wrapped base! Next, I went to Hobby Lobby in search for garland. I wanted something natural looking and simple. When I saw this garland with the frosted look to it I thought it would be perfect to go along with the little flocked tree. As I walked past a nearby aisle this red ticking striped pillow with the words, It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, caught my eye! I really liked it, but wasn’t quite sure if it was the right one for the bed yet. I left it and went to the fabric to look for ribbon for another project I was working on. Here is where the red ticking striped ribbon jumped out at me and I had to run back across the store for the pillow. It was all coming together! 

Then I knew I wanted to use the ribbon to tie stockings to the shutters on each side of the bed. I found the perfect knit stockings from Holly @vintagefarmhome  online store Vintage Farmhome They were the perfect neutral color to compliment the pillow and go with the ribbon and had the perfect touch of red in the little red pompom trim around the tops. I used my red painted wood sign above the bed. It says, “All My Love, All My Life”. I’ve had it for several years after purchasing it from The Country House. I will link one similar here. Some red berries in an enamelware pitcher completed our Christmas bedroom with a simple, cozy, farmhouse feel.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you visit again real soon to see the simple technique I used to add this faux shiplap to our bedroom wall. Yes, this room recently got a makeover! It’s amazing what a difference a few minor changes can make to a room. I can’t wait to show you the before and after!!

I want to say a special thank you to my favorite blogger, Sarah, @littlevintagenest Little Vintage Nest for the boost of confidence to finally start my own blog. If this is something you’ve been on the fence about, visit Sarah’s blog! She has some great posts on how to get started. And if you’re not interested in starting a blog, pay Sarah a visit anyway because she’s awesome!